Audit and Accounting

We work with our clients not only to audit their Financial Statements, but also to add value by ensuring that they are adherent and in compliance with the Reporting Standards and the Laws applied. Our services include the following:

  • Statutory reporting services. Our audit approach concentrates on understanding the clients’ nature of business and control issues. It consists of risk assessment, analytical processes, audit testing procedures as well as assessment of our clients’ service performance.
    Our Audit team has worked in several industries such as Investment Banking, Construction and Real estate, Retail, and Manufacturing. We also have the experiences and knowledge in Saudi Accounting Standards (SOCPA) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Book-keeping is one of our core business, where we maintain accounting records for our clients and deal with the External Auditors when needed. We take the headache of the book-keeping from the client while assuring the clients that we maintain a very strong control system.
  • IFRS conversion, as Saudi Arabia is converting its Accounting Standards from SOCPA to IFRS all companies are required to report Financial Statements based on IFRS standards, we work with our clients to ensure Financial Statements are converted to IFRS, and the Accounting team understand the difference in report based on IFRS and SOCPA.

Tax and Zakat

We provide services and consultation related to tax and zakat. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals having long term experiences in Saudi Arabian Tax and Zakat law, enabling us to provide our clients a comprehensive Tax and Zakat advices.

  • Our services range between registering the client with the General Authority of Zakat and Tax, preparing the forms, and filling with the Authority.
  • Study of Tax and Zakat final assessments.
  • Preparation the appeals and represent clients in front of instance and appealing Committee.
  • Full spectrum Tax and Zakat Compliance Services, including registrations, withholding tax, and translation of books and records to Arabic.
  • Technical consultation and preparation and review of systems for Value Added Tax (VAT).

Transaction Advisory Services

Under the Transaction Advisory Services, we provide the following service to our clients:

Transaction Support:

We provide financial due diligence services to:
(i) Acquirers or investors who need a transaction advisor who gives deal advice focused on key value drivers, provides comfort on financials and produces a report focused on significant issues and on insightful deal related findings and recommendations (pre-acquisition due diligence),
(ii) Sellers who need to provide information when selling a business to allow potential purchasers to advance an appropriate bid (vendor due diligence), or
(iii) Lenders / shareholders or other stakeholders requiring financing or refinancing of a business (pre-financing due diligence).


We are authorized by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers to provide businesses the valuation-related advice or opinions about the acquisition, divestitures, financing, restructuring, or strategic decisions of a business enterprise, division, product line or portfolio of tangible/intangible assets.

Feasibility studies

It is one of the core business that our clients demand as we successfully became one of the most trusted in providing independent evaluation of an investment into a grass root or an ongoing project/business, assessing an early stage business for investment purposes, raising funding or for obtaining government or other approvals / licensing, and Long term planning for strategic purposes to establish the amount and timing of future funding.

Risk Consulting

At OCPAs our team is combination of Local and Expat who worked in risk advisory globally and locally as maintaining global experiences and local knowledge of Saudi’s law and regulations and culture which is essential to provide the best consultation to our clients with top confidentiality. Risk Advisory Department is providing a variety of services to our clients such as:

Risk Assessment and Internal Audit

Due to the increase in business risks and the governance requirements, the organizations require risk assessment of the business in a regular basis, and carry out internal audit to ensure the existence of an internal control system to help them perform their business. Our team provide risk assessment and internal audit services to add value to our clients and activate the governance.

Compliance Services

Regulatory and supervisory authorities require a periodic review of the work of organizations to ensure compliance with related rules and regulations. The compliance is considered one of our services that we offer to our clients to help them comply with regulatory requirements and avoid violation.

Forensic and Fraud Investigation

Some organizations face cases of fraud and embezzlement due to lack of internal controls, and these organizations require experts to assist them discover these cases and help them to build an internal control system to avoid such incidents in the future. Our dedicated team in OCPAs has an international experience to treat such cases.